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Commercial Kids Ride On Train With Track For Amusement Park 13CBM Volume

China Wenzhou Kidsplayplay Toy Co., Ltd. certification
China Wenzhou Kidsplayplay Toy Co., Ltd. certification
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Commercial Kids Ride On Train With Track For Amusement Park 13CBM Volume

Commercial Kids Ride On Train With Track For Amusement Park 13CBM Volume
Commercial Kids Ride On Train With Track For Amusement Park 13CBM Volume

Large Image :  Commercial Kids Ride On Train With Track For Amusement Park 13CBM Volume

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TANQ
Certification: TUV,SGS,CE,ISO
Model Number: KP-H011
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: USD5000 or one 20ft container
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: covered with carpet inside and pp film outside
Delivery Time: within 10days after 50% balance received
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Detailed Product Description
Material: Galvanized Iron Pipe+LLDPE Size: Dia ¢10
Volume: 13CBM Production Time: 10-15 Working Days After 50% Deposit Received
Color: Customization Is Acceptable Warranty Period: 1 Year
High Light:

ride on toy train with tracks


amusement park train rides

Amusement equipment industry space has yet to be developed

A few days ago, the author learned from the "Asian Theme Park Seminar" hosted by Hongwei Convention and Exhibition in Guangdong that China has become the world's largest production of amusement equipment, accounting for about 40% of the world's total output, and nearly 60 of them. The % game share of Guangdong game entertainment manufacturing enterprises will face new development opportunities along with the future theme park heat. It is understood that last year, there were 21 theme parks in the country, and there were more than 24,000 amusement parks and theme parks in China. The products produced by game amusement artists are the components of the theme park, which directly affects the safety of tourists in the park, and its importance is self-evident.
Theme park + standardization, theme park + cutting-edge technology... At present, domestic theme parks want to quickly connect with the world, and to do export monuments, there is still much to be done.

Status: Domestic manufacturers lack the spirit of craftsmanship

In June this year, Shanghai Disneyland is about to open. Previously, there was one detail worthy of attention. Before the bidding, the Disney party conducted an in-depth investigation of the bidders in order to ensure the best effect of the landscape. The simulation of the main materials was carried out according to the climate change in Shanghai two years in advance, and the quality of the project was guaranteed from the source. Even so, before the official construction, the Disney side will spend hundreds of millions of landscape models to ensure that every detail can restore the story scene presented by the theme park. As the world's most famous theme park, Disneyland has a mature and complete project management team. Disneyland's progress, quality, cost, safety, environmental protection and patent management are self-contained. At Disneyland, standards are tied to data, and data is tied to science. The park requires 10 to 15 meters to have a garbage bin, because scientific experiments have shown that if there are garbage in the amusement park in the amusement park, more than ten meters must have the desire to throw. In contrast, many domestic theme park projects only handed over the project to the general contractor before the bidding, and even the construction contract was given to Party A’s “quality acceptance”. standard".

In 2015, a large-scale "flying saucer" amusement ride in Changchun County, Henan Province, suddenly broke in the air when the large-scale amusement facilities were running in the air, causing 19 tourists to be injured. The investigation found that this is a temporary large-scale amusement facility that was installed and operated during the temple fair. Whether the quality of the product is qualified or not, the installation process is not known. The large-scale amusement facilities in the first-tier cities belong to one of the eight types of special equipment recognized by the State Quality Supervision Department. The thresholds for manufacturing, installation and maintenance are high, and some of the amusement facilities that are “going to market” in small and medium-sized cities are produced by small and medium-sized manufacturers. Quality is difficult to guarantee. "There are some even some amusement parks that replace the old facilities that have been eliminated, and then go to the towns to go to the countryside to pan for gold, which has great security risks," said industry insiders. A safe play device requires a persistent and serious craftsmanship, but in terms of current industry conditions, some manufacturers can't even achieve basic standardized production, which is a great danger for safety accidents in amusement facilities. . “There are many domestic theme park construction projects, but many manufacturers are caught in misunderstandings, such as water parks. Manufacturers are willing to pay for equipment. They are not willing to work hard under the drainage and pool. The maintenance is not done well. The operation is long-lasting." Zhong Xinfu, director of the Water Recreational Facilities Professional Committee, said that from the perspective of the production of water parks, many of the equipment, such as the pipe network system and the power system, are hidden under water, and the projects that are not complicated on the surface often need more. The details are built, and the construction and management of the theme park are also the same. The safety supervision is not enough in the market.

Exploration: Promote standardization construction with the strength of the association

In China, Guangdong is a major province for game amusement manufacturers, accounting for 60% of the country's production share, and some leading companies have mastered the core of production technology and expanded foreign business. In Guangdong, the vast majority of producers are concentrated in Zhongshan, and Zhongshan, which has 300-400 game game producers, does not lack the top domestic leading enterprises. Among them, Ye Weijun, chairman of Jinlong Amusement Group, established the China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association. The association is not only responsible for integrating the resources of the industry, but also promoting the formulation of various standards of the enterprise, which plays an important role in promoting the development of the industry. In 2014, China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association advocated that domestic theme park enterprises should play a leading role in leading enterprises and do a good job in the formulation and implementation of enterprise standards. At the same time, the China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association will also play a service role, do a good job in the promotion of the standardization of the theme park, encourage and commend the standard park standardization advanced units. In 2015, the International Game Entertainment Expo held in Zhongshan was held in a government-driven and social-sponsored manner. The China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute was the participating unit and hosted a large-scale amusement facility safety seminar to promote domestic games. The development of the entertainment industry has played a vital role in promoting the continuous improvement of safety awareness in various industries of amusement facilities. Feng Yuguo, secretary general of the China Amusement Park and Amusement Park Association, said that by promoting the work related to standardization, it can promote the institutional environment for the development of theme park services, ensure the quality of theme park services, improve service levels, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and realize theme parks. The connotative development should respond to the competition of international theme parks and improve the international competitiveness of our theme parks. The China Amusement Park and Amusement Park Association also held the “China Theme Park Management Standardization Promotion Conference” as the organizer. The purpose of the conference is to improve the management level of China's theme parks, scientifically and systematically improve the management capabilities of enterprises, and provide the survival and development of enterprises. Basic protection.

The Future: Achieving VR+ Theme Park

This year, the concept of VR (virtual reality), which was originally hot in the game industry and movie circle, was suddenly raised in the theme park field. At the same time, the combination of VR technology and traditional theme parks is also underway. The VR Theme Park project was announced with the intent of applying VR to theme parks. 2016, also known as the VR first year. The first VR theme park in China settled in Shanghai last year. Over the past year, the theme park with the theme of VR with the theme of the movie "Star Nuclear" is now in full swing. “Small VR elements have been implanted nationwide, but large-scale projects are still in progress. At present, Shanghai has already landed a VR offline theme park.” Recently, He Wenyi, founder of Guangzhou Leke VR, was interviewed. This is the case. In his view, the VR roller coaster in some concept films is not impossible to achieve, but the packaging time will be longer, and the cost of packaging is higher. According to He Wenyi, a roller coaster wants to be packaged into a VR roller coaster, which requires at least a few million dollars in budget. The input cost of the manufacturer is directly proportional to the user experience. Bring a VR helmet to experience the roller coaster. The thrills and excitement of the roller coaster, another world displayed in the helmet, will make visitors feel more exciting and exciting. “In a general sense, VR is a form of helping visitors achieve an IP (theme) experience. Nowadays visitors are no longer satisfied with audiovisual and simply using entertainment games to experience the IP in the theme park. VR makes the user experience more vivid. It is also more lively." Liu Yuzheng, vice president of Huayi (Suzhou) Studios Co., said this. "Kumamoto, who is very hot recently, is a household name. Now Japan's Kumamoto County relies on this image to earn 3.3 billion a year. This is a very successful IP marketing case." VR technology is just getting started in any field, but in the subject The field of paradise is actually not mature enough. “In the theme park, the expression of VR is still based on the helmet. The tourists bring the helmet and feel the theme of the project according to the VR experience displayed in the helmet.” He Wenyi said. In the game, as long as the user wears VR glasses, the dozens of flat rooms around him may be expanded many times and become innocent outer space. Using optical capture technology, the system can track the user's position in the game and enable walking and real interaction in the game. Unlike the pursuit of simple and violent pursuit of sensory stimulation in the game, VR theme parks have reservations about the game content, but more is to make players more able to invest in it. In addition, on the venue, it is much larger than the experience store. Take the film “Star Nuclear” VR theme park in Shanghai’s Bureau Road as an example. The area is more than 200 square meters. In addition to the game area, they even have A own cafe. In 2015, China's greatest contribution to the global virtual reality industry was the discovery of the VR offline experience store. This form of video game hall has exploded with unexpectedly strong vitality and quickly became an important part of the VR industry. Take the rice grain that has already started business in Shanghai as an example. The VR theme park adopts a batch of two to three people per batch. Each person can play about 30 minutes each time, and the price last weekend. 120 yuan per person, 80 yuan per person per working day. Compared to the ordinary theme park, you can play a day of consumption. The fare with VR elements is really high. Combining the high cost of millions of virtual technology packaging and the long manufacturing cycle of two years, the planning of VR theme park And at any level, it can be counted as a heavy asset. Can such entertainment modes be promoted nationwide? When can the helmet roller coasters that can only be seen in the promotional film be realized in domestic theme parks? These problems have to be verified slowly.




Measurements (mm) DIA ¢10(L*W*H)
Certificate ISO9001, SGS,CE
Advantage a.Anti-UV
d.Environmental protection
e.Color is not easy to fade
Age Range 3--12 age
Apply to Amusement park, kindergarten, preschool, residential area.
Packing Standard export packing
Plastic parts: Bubble bag and pp film;
Iron parts: Cotton and pp film
Delivery Volume:13CBM
Use Life 7-10 years

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