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Automobile Style Large Scale Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment Long Using Life

China Wenzhou Kidsplayplay Toy Co., Ltd. certification
China Wenzhou Kidsplayplay Toy Co., Ltd. certification
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Automobile Style Large Scale Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment Long Using Life

Automobile Style Large Scale Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment Long Using Life
Automobile Style Large Scale Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment Long Using Life

Large Image :  Automobile Style Large Scale Kids Outdoor Playground Equipment Long Using Life

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TANQ
Certification: TUV,SGS,ISO,CE
Model Number: TQ-QC101
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: covered with carpet inside and pp film outside
Delivery Time: within 10days after 50% balance received
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100sets/month
Detailed Product Description
Material: 114mm Galvanized Steel Pipe+LLDPE Plastic Size: 1500*1350*600cm
Volume: 35CBM Color: Customization Is Acceptable
Production Time: 10-15 Working Days After 50% Deposit Received Warranty Period: 1 Year For Plastic Parts,3 Years For Steel Parts
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Automobile style large-scale not easy to fade galvanized steel pipe outdoor playground equipment for open space TQ-QC101


The theme playground is a kind of playground with creative activities to meet the diverse needs and choices of customers. It is based on specific themes and ideas, mainly through cultural reproduction, cultural transplantation, cultural display and high-tech means, using virtual play environment shaping and garden environment as the carrier to cater to the curiosity of consumers, and the theme through the entire ride. Recreational space. We understand that theme parks can stand out from the right theme selection, proper site selection, unique theme creativity and theme culture, flexible marketing strategies, and in-depth theme product development.
First, the theme selection and positioning
Theme parks are tourism products that rely on creativity to promote them. Therefore, the theme selection of theme parks is particularly important. The world's successful theme parks are full of individuality and different ages, leaving an unforgettable impression. In contrast, China's theme parks, mostly with repeated themes and lack of individuality, are mostly copied, simulated, and imitated. The content is almost the same, lacking scientificity, authenticity, artistry and fun. Lack of serious market analysis and real creativity. Landscape construction landscape, of course, is a bleak operation or rushed to end, and caused a waste of financial, human and material resources.
The theme selection of the theme amusement park is a decision-making process that combines subjective judgment with rational market analysis. The theme parks require operators to have a keen market feel to capture potential market opportunities, and to use professional business experience to organize professionals to refine, package and design themes. At the same time, the theme selection of theme parks also relies on the results of market research conducted by relevant professionals. We suggest that market research can help the theme park theme to actively cater to or guide the needs of consumers, thus freeing the shadow of simple plagiarism and imitation.
For the theme park, only the theme is unique and the personality is distinct, which will have a strong attraction to tourists. Every successful theme park has a strong personality, which is often called “features” in the tourism industry, and some even have unique characteristics that cannot be imitated. In short, the uniqueness of the theme is the cornerstone of its success.
Second, the theme amusement park location selection
The location is good or bad is an important factor affecting the success of the theme park. The determination of the theme park site must be based on detailed analysis and field visits to the surrounding source market, and it must not be imaginary and rash. To build a good theme amusement park, we should pay full attention to market analysis and market possession, make correct commercial value judgments on cultural connotations, improve the revisiting rate and investment income ratio, and promote the development of other local industries through the tourism multiplier effect. .
First of all, the theme park is not only for children, but also for adults. Therefore, its source market is closely related to the number of permanent residents and floating population in the surrounding areas. We remind you that, in general, the area within 1 hour drive around the theme park is its main market location, which has a population of at least 2 million; the area within 2 to 3 hours is its secondary market location, population There are also more than 2 million people; in addition, the third market location and long-distance tourists rely mainly on the brand influence of the theme park and the convenient and fast transportation system to import.
Second, in general, the characteristics of high-input and high-consumption of the theme parks are deeply affected by the socio-economic impact of the hinterland. Therefore, when selecting a theme park, you should first consider economically developed areas. Secondly, the regional distribution status of similar theme amusement park enterprises is also an important reference for the decision-making of theme parks. The theme parks of the same theme in the same area are intensively distributed, which will inevitably lead to vicious competition for enterprises. In addition, we remind you that the theme park destination selection also needs to fully consider the traffic conditions in the area where the park is located, so as to facilitate the free flow of passengers. The theme park area requires a relatively complete three-dimensional transportation system, especially in the vicinity of the theme park, at least one main road that can accommodate large traffic volume and good intersection, and one auxiliary can be used as an emergency entrance. Want the road. Theme park developers should actively create good external conditions, actively guide and quickly transport customers.
Generally speaking, large-scale theme parks require more independent sources of passengers, so they tend to be located in the center or neighboring areas of the metropolis, or choose to be built in local cities and their neighbors to facilitate the inclusion of the reserved source market. The absolute population. We understand that this is also based on the fact that most tourists in China still rely mainly on mass transit rather than the fact that European and American residents generally have cars. Therefore, the theme parks generally choose to be more developed in economy and more tourists. Areas around the city or with convenient transportation infrastructure and connections to public transportation systems.
We understand that the small-themed amusement parks are less attractive to visitors, and they need to use the existing tourism resources and market awareness in the area where the site is located to bring customers. Therefore, they are usually located near the main market of large-scale theme parks, or Summer resorts and tourist attractions, or a combination of small and themed theme parks, offer a diverse range of services. A small theme park with a single location is generally difficult to attract enough customers.
Factors affecting the location of the theme park:
Under the premise that the theme park, investment scale and project content have been determined, we believe that market factors, investment environment, natural conditions and cultural factors are the key influencing factors for the theme park selection.
(1) Market factors: mainly include the status of the source market and the status of the competitive market. The source market must not only have sufficient “quantity” but also a certain “quality”. The “quantity” of the source market is determined by the number of permanent residents and the number of floating population in the theme park. The “quality” of the source market is determined by the consumption power and consumption habits of the target source. Market competition refers to the degree of accumulation and competition of competitors in the same space area. The agglomeration economy points out that the accumulation of multiple competitive individuals in a certain space will improve the overall competitiveness, while excessive agglomeration will lead to vicious competition. Therefore, in the process of selecting the theme park, it is necessary to examine the number of competitors in the support area, whether it has an agglomeration effect, and whether the competition is too fierce and there is no room for development.
(2) Investment environment: It is mainly to analyze the software and hardware and investment costs of the investment support, and to check whether it is suitable for investment. The investment environment mainly includes the following indicators: legal system, infrastructure, traffic conditions, regional economic level, land price, labor cost, etc. The legal system is a soft environment for investment and an institutional guarantee for investment. The infrastructure is mainly the infrastructure such as communication, service, and banking in the support area, as well as some auxiliary service facilities related to the tourism industry, such as facilities and organizations such as catering, accommodation, and intermediary organizations. We understand that there are two kinds of traffic conditions: external traffic and internal traffic. The external traffic is mainly to measure the accessibility of the support. The internal traffic is mainly influenced by the internal traffic network and the location of the theme amusement park. The land price directly determines the investment cost and operating cost of the theme amusement park. The price factor is one of the main considerations when selecting land, and there are also related factors such as the area of ​​the land. Labor cost is a problem to be considered in the process of selecting a theme park. Labor costs will affect the operating cost of the theme park.
(3) Natural factors: This mainly refers to climatic conditions and geographical features. The climatic conditions mainly refer to the differences in climate seasons and affect the operation status of the theme parks; the differences in geographical characteristics are mainly reflected in the landforms and topographical conditions of the support areas, which will affect the pre-construction cost of the theme parks.



Measurements (mm) 1500*1350*600CM (L*W*H)
Safety Area (mm) 1800*1650(L*W)
Certificate ISO9001, SGS,CE
Modules Roofs, slides, plastic panels, stairs, decks, tubes and posts, climbing.
Material A. Plastic parts: Imported LLDPE
B. Post: National standard galvanized steel pipe
C. Metals: Galvanized
D. Deck, stair, bridge: Steel with plastic covered
E. Fasteners: 304 stainless
(Different material is available at your demand. )
Advantage a.Anti-UV
d.Environmental protection
e.Color is not easy to fade
Installation 2 day (2 persons)
Falling Height (mm) 2200
Age Range 3--12 age
Capacity 10-20 persons
Apply to Amusement park, kindergarten, preschool, residential area.
Packing Standard export packing
Plastic parts: Bubble bag and pp film;
Iron parts: Cotton and pp film
Delivery Volume:35CBM
Use Life 7-10 years
Remark 1.Please check the screws and other catchers regularly to assure the firm structure.
2.Please make sure that all the kids play with adult supervision.
3.Blunt objects and acid corrosive liquor are forbidden.

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